Friday, October 31, 2014

Jottings 31 Oct

I had a scare a couple of weeks back.  I had closed my eyes when JE/SE wanted a bedtime story and to play. So I got up for a while. Suddenly, everything seemed to spin violently. I managed to crawl back into bed. It was a strange end to what had been a perfectly normal day. Thought a night's sleep would cure it, but the world was still spinning the next morning.  It was so bad I felt nauseous, and had to hold on while standing.

Since then the 'attacks' hadn't been that bad or that long. Still, I would have them at least twice a day.

Last weekend I took a blood test together with hubby. The medical centre called back to say there was something abnormal in the blood work and recommended an appointment with their specialist. That set me off on a morbid train of thought. And I knew that, more than anything, I want to be around for my girls. I want to care for them while they're young, to be there to support them when they're older.  Their world will definitely be better with me in it!  (I don't plan to be taking care of my grandchildren... but who knows? Heh)

Collected the test results yesterday.  The GP said everything looks fine.  I didn't bother to enquire why they suggested a specialist - this is the most inefficient medical centre I've ever seen (they actually misplaced hubby's report and took ages to FIND it!) and I don't know whether they even know who called me!  For now, I'm going to give it some time. Maybe the vertigo is due to some ear/balance problem.  Hopefully things will improve. If not, I can deal with it if the attacks come at specific times.  And I can definitely accept it if it means I don't have something life-threatening!

Hubby has been solicitous, which is unusual for him. It's rather nice, actually. Wonder how long it will last!

I want to see more, A LOT more, of these two:

JE: I'm being silly!
SE: Haha... see-yee me (silly me)


  1. Are you seeking physical therapy to cure the vertigo? The lab is really unprofessional to frighten you like that. Fingers crossed that everything is ok. JE and SE are so cute in the photo.

  2. Eeeks what a fright! However, I think you should enquire what exactly they thought was wrong.. just to be on the safe side. You've never experienced anything like this until recently, right? Do you still have it now?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. darn bad make u worry like that. and report can missing like that. bad la

    ahem...maybe you should consider Ai Sakura's suggestion too

  4. Mun, not doing anything for now. Hopefully it can get better by itself.

    Ai, no, I don't even have migraine. The attacks seem to be less frequent and shorter (though at times when I think that, I have another one!)

    SK, hopeless la that place. I only went coz it's near my house and I didn't want to drive far without breakfast. :) I'm just going to wait till next year for my company medical to replenish.

  5. Both my mother and husband experienced this vertigo before and it went away on its own though I googled for some self therapy from the net and asked my husband to do it. Have to sleep in a certain way and then turn the head and body in a certain way for the liquid to go back into the inner ear, etc, etc or something like that.