Thursday, October 23, 2014

iPad addict No.2

Oh dear, another iPad addict. This one is pretty far gone too.  She wakes up, goes downstairs and her head swivels around looking for the device. I pry it from her fingers eventually and she screams bloody murder. And looks around for someone to complain to that Mummy is naughty.

Conversation with kakak one night last week:

Maid: Come, it's time to brush your teeth and sleep
Maid (tries new tactic): Kakak switch off the light ok?
SE: O-chay
(Maid switches off all lights. The only light source is the iPad)
Maid: Ok, kakak go upstairs now
SE: Bye-bye
Maid: Kakak is going to sleep now
SE: Good night

Guess she'd have been happy left alone the iPad! Until the battery runs out and she's all alone in the dark, that is.

This girl is super stubborn, no point setting time limits. Need to start hiding the device until she forgets about it.

Do what you like, just don't take away my iPad


  1. another iPad addict ya. But but but....adults will also get hooked on it leh.. :)

    Happy weekend to you

  2. Actually I think if she uses the "proper" apps or watches the educational videos, they actually learn quite a lot and it's rather useful. We're limiting Lil Pumpkin's usage time now mainly because I don't want her eyes so strained while using it.. and yes, I do "hide" it when she's not supposed to use it haha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I think you are right to hide the ipad. Although educational apps are good for children but not if they are glued to it so must hide it until they can be disciplined to use it with a time limit. Don't want their eye sight to be affected negatively from looking at the ipad for too long.

  4. SK, actually har, the one hogging the iPad for the longest time is ME. Hehehe.

    Ai, true they do learn from the iPad. For now I'd rather they don't have access at all.

    Mun, been hiding it for a few days already and yep, the only apps open are MY games. Success hehe.