Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Team JE/SE

My girls do fight, but they are close to each other. So one night, JE was to follow me upstairs to brush her teeth. She asked me to bring some of her pyjamas from the cupboard downstairs. I told her no need and continued upstairs with my arms full of other laundry. Whereupon the kiddo decided to bawl. Loud and louder. I didn't bother with her, just continued putting the laundry away.  Later the maid reported this conversation with SE that happened when JE was bawling...

(SE had her arms folded)
SE: Mummy naughty
Maid: Why?? Why Mummy naughty?
SE: Mummy beat Jo-Jo
Maid: Nooo. Mummy did not beat Jo-Jo
SE: Then, why Jo-Jo cry?
Maid: Oh Jo-Jo wanted Mummy to bring her pyjamas. But no need because upstairs already got pyjamas
SE: Then, Mummy naughty.

Oo-kay. I foresee future sessions of Team JE/SE vs Mummy!

Cannot beat Jo-Jo, okay Mummy?


  1. LOL.....hard to win that arguement then :p

    They are cute la.

  2. haha so cute... sisters united!! ;p

  3. Team JE/SE vs Mummy is better than JE vs Team SE/Mummy or SE vs Team JE/Mummy because sisters bonding is better than mommy siding with one daughter against the other one.

  4. SK, yeah I also see it as a no-win argument for me.

    Mun, haha don't think I'd be doing that. Not seriously, anyway!