Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and me aren't that big on our own celebrations. Initially we went out for special anniversary meals - I recall having a very raw steak at a French restaurant! Then we just went to simpler places we know we like. Two years ago he forgot and I almost did. Last year I forgot as well. Haha.

This year we went out for dinner... with JE, SE and our maid too. Well, we don't leave the kiddos by themselves at this young age. And driving to my parents' place to drop everyone off would be too troublesome (for them obviously, and us also as their place is pretty far away)

We had dinner at the Ship and coincidentally both girls were dressed in a nautical theme! There was a birthday party going on and we appropriated some balloons for JE and SE. How come an anniversary dinner becomes a kiddy event too?  :)  Hubby has promised me an anniversary present so I still have something to look forward to!

Balloons for us, yay!


  1. Happy 8th wedding anniversary to you both! May there be many, many, many more! :)

  2. Happy anniversary to the both of you!! :) It's a blessing to be able to celebrate with your beautiful girls <3

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Awww, that is so sweet that u and your hubs do make it a point to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Me n hubby have never went out to have a anniversary dinner before.. And we have been married over a decade already.

  4. Hope am not too late to wish you a happy Anniversary :)

    We are not big on celebration too. Just at times dinner and jln jln

  5. Mun, tq tq.

    Ai, very true. Our first anniversary was a little sad - trying for a kid, getting one, losing it.

    Leona, heh and I thought we were bad!

    SK, tq never too late!