Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little sis, big sis

It amuses me when SE is the good little sis:

JE: Su Ern, go and bring the fluffy penguin
SE: Fa-fi... pen-gin?
JE: Yes bring the fluffy penguin
SE trots off and comes back with it.

JE: Su Ern, we need the little yellow dog also
SE: Li-der... yell-o... dog?
JE: Yes, bring the little yellow dog
SE trots off to look for it

And it continues until either one of them move on to something else.

Caught the little one on camera following the big one...

Me: OK smile, take photo!
SE: Cheeeeese
JE: Blehh

SE: Bleh?

Both: Bleh! BLEHH!


  1. It's really JE and her mini-me. They look so alike! Just different sizes hehe.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Totally adorable...! Mischievous and adorable! I like the way you relate the dialogue between the 2 girls. I can imagine hearing SE's cute little voice as I read.

  3. SE is so adorable to listen to her sister. :) she must think the world of JE to follow her every action.

  4. SK, SE is quite a handful... luckily she's cute haha.

    Ai, the new haircuts make them look alike? :)

    Leona, heh yeah I love how she speaks now. Got pauses and some words still not clear.

    Mun, she does seem pretty attached to JE. Though not when she's in a bad mood!