Monday, October 20, 2014

Ah Mah's Birthday 2014

We celebrated Ah Mah's birthday at Unique Seafood in Kota Dsara.  It was not crowded and easy to book a private room (not sure if this kind of outlet can last though!).  There was karaoke provided, which the kids enjoyed...


Wow I took pictures of food? Must have been good! These dishes were actually, cost almost RM300 each but were the highlights of the dinner. The other half of the giant tilapia was simply sprinkled with black pepper and grilled (also good but not posting up here coz not photogenic). The other dishes were spicy japanese snail, ginger-spring onion venison, lemon chicken, 2-style kailan, hotplate tofu and birthday noodles.

Fresh prawns and giant tilapia in lemongrass soup

Chilli crab with fried mantao

Sis made the cake and it turned out fine (unlike last year where cake apparently collapsed and we ended up with Secret Recipe).
Happy birthday to Ah Mah!

Err SE, it's not your birthday yet you know...

Let me at the candles, I will blow them out

Happy birthday to my dear mother and here's to many more birthdays to come!


  1. Didn;t I just read a post about your Mum's birthday??? Wow..i guess that was almost a year ago though. Time really moves fast this year. All the kids and your parents look like they were having a good time. RM300 a dish...????!!!! The chilli crab looks yummy!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom.

    Hmm...K.Dmsara hv Unique Seafood? Long time have not gone that area coz of the traffic jam.

    Saw Citta Mall have one Unique Seafood too. That one less crowded.

  3. Leona, heh it has been that long! RM300 is ex but food was good. Chilli crab is the best I've had and I've been ordering that in quite a few places.

    SK, the Citta mall Unique is not nice one wor.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your mum! That chilli crab dish looks soooo good!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Ai, it was good esp with the friend mantao!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your mother! She is blessed with so many grandchildren. Everyone must have enjoyed the delicious food. Can see the children are all so happy.