Friday, October 10, 2014


These days, I often find a mermaid sitting in my room. She usually wears a necklace and sunglasses. And she looks like this:

Mermaid cannot walk...

She will respond to requests for a photo....

Mermaid can swim

Don't believe she's a mermaid? Look, she has a tail...

Today my tail is pink

Hehe the kiddo. Yep her legs are stuffed into the pillowcase! And she will tell all and sundry, "Mermaid cannot walk, mermaid can swim",


  1. Wah, your SE is so cute and creative! Using a pillow case as her tail - that''s a gem! :D

  2. Cool mermaid leh

    hahaha I used to play that too when youing. also put up blanket as Tent...go "camping" mah

  3. Mun, she enjoys herself that way! Here the pillow is still inside the case... but she's happy with an empty pillowcase too.

    SK, they do keep playing with my blanket too. I really don't want to encourage more games with it, it's hard enough getting my blanket back as it is!

  4. Ah, these priceless childhood memories! Very priceless indeed!