Monday, June 8, 2015


We normally go to a mall on weekends.  It gets the kids away from the TV, lets them stretch their legs a bit.  Adults are happy to shop and have lunch out.  And there often is some kind of promotion event going on.

There was this small beanbag area with a TV in front.

First the small girl sat primly on the beanbag to watch TV.

This is quite nice to sit

Then crept to the beanbag in front.

Can lie on top also

The big girl then moved to lie on another beanbag.

Quite nice to lie down on to watch TV

Then they comfortably shared one beanbag.

Can share also

And now I'm really thinking of buying a beanbag!  Hubby says no, he had one before, didn't like it and dumped it.  But he can't remember the reason so can't convince me.  :p


  1. Actually, I have been wanting to get one bean bag for a long time but till now I have not done so. The reason...hubby not keen on it.

  2. i think is always great to have a bean bag, quite fun sitting on one once in awhile. i always wanted one :D

  3. Your girls seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly with the bean bags.

  4. wrote about getting kids away from the tv in your second sentence. And then they go to the mall to watch more tv?? ;-)

  5. Nancy, me too, been at the back of my mind for years now.

    Irvine, haha now I know lotsa people want one!

    Mun, wonder if they'd sit on it long if we do buy.

    Adrine, ya hor didn't notice. :p

  6. We have one but it's not filled properly.. so have to add on extra pillows. It's very comfy when it's done properly though! I think the bean bag filling softens after some time so you'll have to change it and that can be a hassle.

  7. I wanty to have them as well...what we have is the fluffy one...but not really nean bags...looks like so much fun to have one :)