Monday, June 22, 2015

Genting trip

We aren't going to Genting much these days, compared to the once every two months or so once upon a time.  Hubby is busy with his F&B venture for one thing.  For another, there isn't much attraction now that the theme park is closed.

Still, we managed. :)

Walking into the resort, we encountered 10 clowns twisting balloons and clowning around.  I always think fun-oriented places should have people doing this!  Not like Disneyland where you have to queue for hours to take a quick photo with Mickey Mouse. This is first time I've seen clowns there... and they disappeared after that day.  Oh well.


See, kids are so happy with a simple balloon.

There was some event on for Rio.  Nothing great though the kids enjoyed taking photos every time they saw some Rio character.

This one is the girl bird.

The indoor theme park is still there.  I don't hand out money for this. Even though the kiddos periodically tried their luck. My rationale is they don't really know how to play yet anyway.  So they just pressed buttons and pulled levers and hopped and 'drove' and 'rode horse' and whatnot.  Still happy.  Proof of the pudding... they requested to go to the arcade THREE times.  Haha.  (OK I know one fine day I'll have to spend a fortune on such things!)

Bang bang bang!

Me, I liked eating out every meal!  There was a glow-in-the-dark promo thingy on at Bits and Bites.

Glow in the dark food. Served with a LED light bangle.

Giant slice of moist chocolate cake
(but this one not so nice, the brownie is better)

Besides that, the kids had fun splashing around in the room bathtub. Watching cartoons. Running around the room (we had a spacious one) opening and closing the internal doors.  Climbing up onto furniture.  Snacking.  In short, they enjoyed themselves.  And kept asking when we can go to Genting again.

Since our goal was to give them a holiday, target achieved!


  1. Good to hear that all of you had a great time in Genting. Wow, so you ate the glow in the dark food. Must be quite an experience. Hahaha, you are so pro at letting them have fun without spending a dime at the arcade and your girls are so obedient that they did not throw tantrums. Well brought up.

  2. At this young age, the girls are just happy having fun with the simple things. Very soon, they will grow out of this and they get to know how to play those things, it will be a different! But it is fun to watch them enjoying themselves with their own simple games.

  3. Bits and Bites is great! Ya can't wait for the outdoor theme park to open before we visit again :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Mun, there was glow-in-the-dark powder (?) sprinkled on the food. Dunno what chemical that is, can't be good for health hehe. Close one eye one time la. Well they were too happy at the arcade to throw tantrum!

    Nancy, yeah la, next time will definitlely have to fork out money!

    Ai, yeah so far I've liked all the food we tried there! Actually the burger was too salty but eaten with fries and pickles, still nice.

    1. I google on the Internet and found that there are food that glow in the dark naturally and cheese powder is one of them. No chemical, all natural.