Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates on Su Ern

Updates on little Su Ern are less compared to her big sis. But I AM enjoying this sweet, soft little baby who is so small and cute. While I can, that is... she'll be turning ONE in less than a month and I'm well aware I won't have a baby for much longer!

Go ahead. Make me laugh

Not sure coz my electronic scale is broken. But she's just nice and cuddly to carry.

Crawls like a pro now. But one leg will go straight out to the side. My mum says she looks like a crab moving like that. She just started going up stairs so she'll be lots harder to watch now.
She can pull herself up to stand too.

Wayy easier to feed than JE! Phew. She likes to be fed often but not in great quantity each time. She isn't fussy - so far only dislikes spinach and fish.

Ah yes that was quite funny. Do it again!

Babbles a lot. Some nights she wakes up and goes 'Ah-Wawa. WaWaWaa. Ah-WA' and I wish she could understand when I tell her not to talk and just go to sleep! She smiles and laughs a lot too.

Not a single one yet. Very late at 11 months.

Light sleeper this one. She wakes up a few times each night. At the usual times it's for milk. But quite often she just wakes up and I'd need to feed her a bit to get her to sleep. In the mornings, she often makes a nuisance of herself by waking up and wanting to play when everyone still wants to sleep.

Still dark! Please do get a little fairer ok?

More fiery than her big sis. She can and will scream non-stop if she doesn't get what she wants.

Being carried and fussed over

People plonking her down and walking away. She will bawl loudly and immediately. We always say her backside cannot touch the floor!



  1. SE looks fair in those pictures...
    everyday give her taufoo fah to eat... :)

  2. Aww has it been nearly a year already??
    By the way are you coming to SG anytime soon?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Leona, haha I will try. My mum recently thought the tops of her feet were dirty and tried to wipe. But it's her natural skin colour!

    Ai, time really flies! We're talking about going to SG but not that soon. Why? :)