Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visit to KL Aquaria

Made it to the KL Aquaria! It's been sitting on my list of places to bring the kiddos. It's expensive though at RM38/adult and RM28/kid. Caught an online deal for RM28 per adult and went before JE turned 3yo so she could get in for free.

It wasn't the breeze I expected. First we had to fight traffic going there. Then, finding parking was tough as the convention centre was full. Hubby threatened to give up a couple of times. Eventually we went into the KLCC carpark and parked illegally.  KLCC was packed with people and after the long walk there, the aquaria itself was packed too. *roll eyes*

Still, finally we were in!

Piranhas!  Mummy say can bite people one. Brrrrr.

JE only deigned to touch the starfish in the touch pools and refused to have anything to do with the sea cucumber, horseshoe crab and bamboo shark.

Poke this starfish. But sea cucumbers are icky

The exhibits were pretty good and I'm a fan of marine life. Photography wasn't easy though with the dim lighting, so I didn't get many pictures. Also the place was really crowded and everyone else was taking pictures too.

What a lot of fish!

Behind me got scorpion and puffer fish

The highlight of the aquaria was the underwater tunnel with its travelator. We walked through twice.

Fish on top?

SE got tired of the stroller after a while and demanded to be carried.

I don't like fish much... but being carried is nice

Our overall sentiment was OK, been there, done that, enough, good!  IMHO, the aquaria doesn't offer much enjoyment value for the price. The zoo would be more interesting for kids, more to see.


  1. Hmm...quite pricey.

    The tunnel part looks nice.

  2. Y, the deal is back on Groupon. Try la.

  3. For Groupon deal, how much for child?

  4. RM22. Still cheaper than overseas.

  5. Hey, I have an exact same pic of my boy touching the starfish several years ago! His exactly like JoErn...would only pluck up the confidende to touch the star creature! Can't stop laughing at your caption "I don't like fish much... but being carried is nice" HAHAHA.

  6. Juana, haha guess starfish is the most 'harmless' of the lot - not soft n squishy, not black-black, doesn't move... err actually doesn't even look alive heh. JE wouldn't touch the sea cucumber even when I held it in my palm.

  7. Definitely much more worth it than the Sentosa underwater world. Is the Aquaria one big or not...the underwater part? Or just ride on the travelator for a few mins and then end already??