Monday, April 8, 2013

Jo Ern is 3!

One for the album

Jo Ern is three years old!  She requested a pink strawberry cake and my sis volunteered to make it.

The plan was a fuss-free dinner at a restaurant. Sis confirmed the cake was coming along fine. I brought candles along just in case. What could go wrong? Well first, somehow I only took TWO candles out of the pack.

We started out from home a bit late. I realised I was short of one candle, but it was late, it was raining and presumably sis the cake-provider had them. Ten mins later, sis called to say she couldn't find any candles. Well I have plenty of candles, but at home! She called SIL but of course they'd already left home as well. Called the restaurant but they didn't have any. Tried to convince JE to have 2 candles... "But I am THREE years old!". And thereafter we had the 'CANDLE DRAMA' the rest of the journey... "Mummy, can I have THREE candles?" and "Got THREE candles for me or not" while hubby and I cracked our heads thinking where to get candles, fast. Eventually saw a Secret Recipe on a side road and detoured in.

Phew! Despite the candle hubby procured being much smaller than the two I brought, at least we had the requisite 3 candles! Birthday girl was satisfied.

Happy birthday to my precious girl!

Phoo! Phoo! Phoo!

I chop my cake 
Chopper provided by restaurant. Cake-provider didn't bring knife :p


  1. Happy birthday to Jo Ern! What a story to tell to her husband when she grows up! Thank goodness for some quick thinking and Secret Recipe for saving the day...Aiyo, chopper ah? Scary leh...hahaha.

  2. Happy birthday to JE! :) The cake looks pretty professionally done!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. least cake provider provided memorable drama to the event :-)

  4. happy belated birthday Jo Ern!