Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfasts for JE

Had a conversation with my sis recently on what we give our kids for breakfast. For breakfast, Jo Ern has a fruit and a main, followed by a spoonful of cod liver oil. Getting her to eat the fruit is no problem, the main however, is. The main was oats with Marmite for many months before she got tired of it. I tried to replace with bread but it's VERY hard to feed her bread. She holds it in her mouth for the longest time until it's a soggy mess and then she spits it out. Sigh.  After say, 20 mins of earnest feeding, you have a few horrible-looking spat-out blobs and very little in her tummy.

Then the breakthrough came. Hubby started making super-nutritious soups (using more meat than I do for weekly meals!) and I just add some carbo to make a balanced breakfast. Noodle soups are easy to push into JE's mouth and easy for her to swallow. Now, that's what she usually gets.

Some recent breakfasts:

Starfruit with blueberries, a slice of wheat bread (she only ate half)

Grapefruit segments (sacs only, no pith) with pasta soup

Golden kiwi with mee-sua soup
Grapes with pasta soup

The fruit is also often grapes (peeled if skin is hard), dragonfruit, orange, maybe melon.  Anything that doesn't turn brown which I can prepare a bit earlier. These are for weekdays only... weekends we go out for breakfasts!


  1. I'm super impressed. Esp since those are for weekdays!!

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  4. Y, some more I have to FEED her the main ok! The fruit she generally feeds herself but I still have to monitor if she's too slow. Not much time in the morning.