Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My maid Annie went off last week. She was sick and asked to recover at her cousin's house, promising to come back.  Well, she's not answering our calls. We're waiting for a replacement maid now. Hubby and I are more used to being maid-less since Annie would go off every two weeks. I have taken leave one day - to clean, tidy, do the laundry and prepare baby food.

Don't wanna sit and play.. want carry!

But it's been tough on little Su Ern. Annie carried and played with her a lot. So the kid screams when put down, expecting someone to come carry her. With just hubby and me, we have more tasks to do and can't carry a baby around. I carried her once when making JE's milk and almost dropped her. It was back to the playpen where she immediately started screaming. Lil kid is now hoarse from all the screaming. :(

Don't wanna sit and eat... want carry!

Oh well, maybe after this transition period, she'll get used to being by herself more. Poor kiddo.

Sleep first. Maybe when I wake up, someone will carry me


  1. Cry until hoarse already? Poor SE!!

    Aiyo, not answering calls. So much for all the initial promises.

  2. Did she take her belongings when she left to recuperate? So irresponsible! I wouldn't trust her to be around the kids now since you never know if she'll just leave them at home and leave or not pick up urgent calls. Hope you find a better helper soon.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Yuen, yeah sigh. She didn't need to promise to come back so I thought she WAS sincere. At least answer call to say that she cannot come back.

    Ai, she left ONE shirt. Dunno what's the point also! Either take everything or leave more things la. I don't expect to see her again, but she was good when she was with us so I don't harbour any ill feelings either.

  4. wow, you are handling this maid thing so well. I would be really upset with the maid.