Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Prima donna

My new maid Annie is doting on Su Ern. She'd run to SE at her first whimper. She's carrying SE a lot, singing to her, rocking her to sleep, clapping and talking/cooing to her too. And little SE is lapping it all up! In fact, she transformed into a prima donna in ONE day! She screams indignantly the moment you try to put her down.

Where's Aunty? I want to be carried. And I need some entertainment

I sleep now after being carried, with rocking and singing. 

Good times are here! Heh heh heh

I'm worried that SE is getting used to this top-notch treatment! Annie is good but she's only temp for a month as my selected maid isn't available yet. She has indicated that she won't be staying - after working in childless households for a decade, must be a culture shock dealing with noisy kids. Will see how things go.


  1. Awww...... the last photo is absolutely picture perfect!! Love the contented smile and the chubby hand poking out. Even the hair looks cute.

  2. annie is good, i see... try and keep her lah. sarin told me the other day (the next day after we call u bout the news on annie) that she asked annie again if she wants to go back. sarin said she didn't answer yes or not but seems like she shake her head. i guess annie is still worried she can't cope, but i think she's doing ok. guess things are getting better for her now. in terms of taking care of su ern, she's ok, house work, u will know better.

  3. su ern is gettig so chubby and adorable:)

  4. SE has such a cute smile...cheeky too.

    Hope ur temp new maid stays.

  5. is she smiling in her sleep? must be sweet dreams eh..

  6. Su Ern is chubby, sweet and adorable! Looks like she's really enjoying her royal treatment! Just look at her smile in the last pic!

  7. Y, yeah I do love how her hair sticks up in the middle! Jo Ern's hair ALL stuck up.

    Cat, got a glimmer of hope. Annie says she's gotten used to it. I'll ask her again in a week or two, make sure she's really fine to stay.

    Rachel, yep she was asleep. I just thought she looked cute in her carseat, it was a bonus when she smiled!