Friday, September 28, 2012

JE on Sharing

My SIL gave JE a small box of chocolates. This morning, I gave her one to eat at my parents' place since she was already full from breakfast. Then I thought of sending one for cousin Jensen as well.

Me: Want to bring one for Jensen?
JE: No. Jo Ern eat ALL.
ME: Then when Jo Ern eat the chocolate, Jensen want how?
JE: Jensen want chocolate, Jensen go Ah Kim (i.e. Jensen's mummy)

Hehehe... she has been bringing chocolate bears over to share with Jensen and cousin Erin. But this box of chocolate is small and therefore precious!

Continue conversation...

Me: Jo Ern eat that time, Jensen cry how?
JE: (think a while) Jo Ern eat at home.

And happily chomped down 2 pieces before leaving the house.

OK la, problem solved. :)

Some things are too good to share...


  1. Actually jensen said the same this morning. He was eating biscuit and i said "we need to go ah Kong, ah ma house already, Jo Ern should be there already, bring ur biscuit along and share with Jo Ern ok?" N jensen replied, "no later Jo Ern want to eat all how?" He finally agree to bring and share only when i told him i bought a lot.

  2. Hehe these kids. Jo Ern wouldn't let ME take a piece of her food sometimes. And I'm thinking I'm the one who bought and prepared it for her.