Monday, September 3, 2012

My jottings Sept 2012

1. I restarted work on 18 July after maternity leave. That morning, I heard that my new assignment was to start the very next day. Rats, was hoping to relax for a while! Fortunately delays occurred and that project has yet to start. After a month of not doing much, I was assigned to help out on another project. It has been 2 weeks and I'm needed maybe 30% of the day. Heh. Enjoying the easy life and hoping this continues.

The little girl

2. Breastfeeding SE is going fine. From experience I know how to express a little more. No more let-down problems and obsessed counting of EBM ounces! I'm only worried that finding the time to express would be tough on a time-stressed project. I HAVE resolved to take things easier. JE was exclusively on breastmilk for 15 months. After that started supplementing with formula. Turned off the 'tap' when she was 1.5 yo, mainly as I got pregnant with SE and it became painful to nurse. I want Su Ern to benefit from breastmilk too but if I cannot pump at work, I will supplement with formula without fretting (much).

3. My schedule is super-packed again. Before driving to work I have to prep dinner, nurse SE, get her milk in correct portions ready for her day, sterilise and get breast pump/bottles ready for MY day. Work ends at 6pm. If traffic is not too bad, I reach home slightly before 7pm. Then I rush to cook rice and cut vegetables, go pump for half an hour, come out again to cook the meat dish. Rush upstairs to shower and then come down to cook the vegetables. Luckily hubby often gets caught in traffic and arrives with kids+maid about 7.45-8pm. Some days I'm late and hubby is early and I literally RUN trying to get dinner ready.

4. It happened with JE and now again with SE. When baby is just 3 months old, boom, my period returns! Aiksss. Can't I have more time without this hassle??  Breastfeeding moms shouldn't start so soon! OK la this is a minor rant. Although I'm not having any more babies, what matters is my reproductive system worked the two times I wanted it to.

5. What else...I'm actually below my pre-pregnancy weight now. Err how come my tummy is still big?? Can't quite fit into my pre-pregnancy work pants yet!

The big girl (pic taken before her fall)

6. On to more recent events, just had a weekend without a maid. Arggh we absolutely need one at the mo! At her age, JE will often drop and spill things. While I clean up one mess, she's off creating another. She also climbs up and down and needs constant supervision. She wants/needs attention whether she's eating, playing, poo-ing, bathing... ok that's basically ALL THE TIME except when she's sleeping! SE somehow will scream for attention right when things are extra busy. And of course she needs feeding every 2 hours or so. Our new maid starts work tomorrow, hopefully she will work out well.


  1. Su Ern's such a cutie pie. She's growing well. Just look at those chubby thighs! Mummy's milk rocks! Good to hear that in the job front, the pace is very good now...helps you to ease back into worklife right after your maternity leave ended. Here's hoping the very best for a good maid, my fren. Think positive thoughts:)

  2. Wow you got back your pre-pregnancy weight so fast!! My period came back nearing the end of my breastfeeding days with my girl.. after about 2 yrs?? hehe ^^V

    Hope you settle back into work well soon :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka