Tuesday, September 18, 2012


JE is generally a good big sis. She looks for SE upon waking up. She runs to get a fresh diaper, wipes and diaper cream (balancing them on her little arms to bring everything in one go) when SE does a poo-poo. When she notices SE doesn't have a blanket, she goes for a nappy and puts it around SE. At night when she distributes glow-in-the-dark stars before turning off the light, SE always gets one. I think she's going to enjoy having a little sis once SE is bigger.

Jo Ern and Su Ern
(Pic taken before JE's fall... I feel a pang when I see her smooth chin here)

But I do have to be careful leaving them alone. JE likes to jump and roll around. At this age she is rather clumsy - have to make sure she doesn't fall onto poor SE.

Also... the 2.5 yo sometimes plays with her baby sis in her own way. Once, I saw a piece of cellophane tape on SE's forehead - no prizes for guessing who stuck it there! Last week I caught the action on camera. SE was fast asleep on our bed. When she started whimpering, I just thought she'd woken up. Then I went over and saw this...


Made perpetrator come and take a pic! Note that culprit has a matching sticker on her own pants. :)

Heheheeeee... cho funny


  1. JE, thanks for making me laugh with ur cute cheeky antics. At least JE was kind enuf to just stick on SE's arms...

  2. haha JE is so cute! I love that pic of SE sleeping with the stickers hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka