Friday, December 21, 2012

Crazy schedule

Just want to pen down my weekday schedule to remind my future self how hectic life with 2 young kids is and that yes, I did it. :)

JE: Want to chit in stroller!
SE: That's my stroller and my blanket... but I'm ok coz Mummy pao-pao me

7.15am Alarm rings. Wake up, toilet and wash up.
7.30 Go downstairs. Sterilise breastpump + bottles for SE, cut fruit and prepare breakfast for JE. Pre-dinner prep if necessary. Have my own breakfast, usually coffee and bread. Aahhhh...
8.15 Go upstairs to wake JE. Cuddle SE (this baby is a light sleeper and would be awake), dig JE from sleep and chat with her a bit so as not to appear to be rushing her
8.30 JE eats her fruit
8.40-9.00 Spoon-feed JE her breakfast, time taken depends on whether she cooperates
9am+ Rush like mad to shower, change, wear contact lenses and get myself to work in KL city centre

Hubby bathes SE. Maid would clean the house/car, water the plants, feed the fish/dog and then bathe JE. Hubby, maid and kids go off to my parents' place.

Mon, Tue and Thurs
6pm+ Work's done! Shut down, pack up, wait for the lift, walk to the carpark, pay for parking, drive home
7pm (If traffic's ok) Arrive home and put rice to cook
7.10 Pump milk for SE
7.30 Rush like mad to cut vegetables, cook, take out plates n cutlery
7.45 Rush like mad to shower, take out contacts and change
7.50 Hubby arrives home with kids and maid
7.55 Rush like mad to cook vegetables, dish out meat and rice (no, the maid can't help coz will be feeding/carrying SE)
8pm Cut JE's food into tiny pieces, feed her and eat dinner myself

Actually it is impossible for me to express milk (even shortcut to 20min approx from the usual 30mins), cook, shower and have dinner on the table within an hour. I RUN and not walk, do different things with each hand and even so... Often dinner is ready when the gang arrives only because hubby is caught in traffic and arrives home late.

The pace after dinner slows down a tad...
8.30 Finish dinner and cut fruit - bigger pieces for adults and bite-sized ones for JE
8.45 Serve fruit and prepare baby food for SE.
8.55 Feed SE. Spend time with both kids and relax, 'talking' to hubby while he watches TV
10pm Milk time for JE, followed by brush teeth time, then change to PJs
10pm+ Upstairs to bed. Breastfeed SE, unwind with JE a while and then zzzzzz. Yes, for me too. :)
3am, 5am SE wakes up for milk

Hubby watches TV. Maid has dinner, washes up, takes her shower and carries SE when done.

Wed, Fri - Hubby's drinking nights
6pm+ Work's done! Drive to parents' place to have dinner and pick up the kids
9pm+ Drive home
10pm Arrive home. Rush to wash up, take out food for next day's meal, take out frozen baby food for SE, collect laundry, JE's milk, brush teeth, PJs

Maid and me take turns carrying SE and doing other tasks. Hubby doesn't return till late.

I have absolutely no books/TV time. I AM looking forward to when SE is bigger and doesn't need to be carried all the time. Then I can also stop breastfeeding and pumping, which does take time. For now, I'm surviving. And having Jo Ern and Su Ern, I am happy. :)

JE: Jo Ern take care Chu Ern
SE: Helppp


  1. wah your hubby has 2 drinking days a week! lucky him :) you're doing a great job with 2 kids. have a great new year celebration!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, yeah I do think he's lucky too. But he keeps adding drinking days!

    Y, the evenings are pretty horrible!