Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eating out

Now that JE enjoys going out and actually EATS food (history here), we are going out out for meals on weekends.

Fish n chips at TGIF... quite nice!

Ice-cream at Suki-ya shabu2... Yummy!

SE is a problem though. Sometimes she sleeps during the meal but more often than not, she screams wanting to be carried. OK... she's a little bigger now and can be held with one hand. Not the best of situations but can be done.

What's on Mummy's plate? Want eat

Shrimp at Bubba gump...JE: Must smile for camera
SE: What's on the chair? Want play

Last weekend we went to Sushi King and JE had a blast picking things off the moving kaiten belt. I'm looking forward to eating out more with my lil girls!


  1. U didn't get the free kids meal for JE in TGIF? n she does seems to be eating a lot better now

  2. Oho you're back! :)

    The kids meal at TGIF not free, costs rm7.50. Some more limited to 1 order per main meal ordered!

  3. Looks like Mummy's hands are full...one gal on each arm...! :) Mummy able to eat????
    Since JE loves her food now... chk out Chilli's kids free meal then. FOC with one main meal. Just ate there yesterday and it was satisfying for the kiddos.

  4. Err.... tot TGIF free meal for kids? well obviously haven't been there with kids recently. actually i have been around. reading all ur blogs n active in fb, just that didn't comment. Even fb i just read ppl's update but didn't bother to update mine.

  5. Leona, thanks for the tip!

    Cat, haha I thought you were bedridden and offline.

  6. Leona, oh no la can't eat like that. :) Need to pass one gal to hubby.

  7. Offline? no la... online all the time with my phone, otherwise it will be very difficult to pass my time. not completely bedridden la, still watch tv.