Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feeding Jo Ern at 2yo

She had a milk strike at 3 months, went back to consuming less-than-average amounts of milk and after solids were introduced, pushed food away after a mere few spoonfuls.  She went on a food strike at about 12 months.  We had to crack our heads figuring out how to get food into the kid. Then another eating strike occurred at 15 months.  At 16 months I blogged on what it took to give her one small serving of milk. She was underweight according to the paedi charts.  I count myself lucky to have a maid who had enough affection for Jo Ern to spend hours daily feeding her and to try different ways to get her to eat.   

The turning point only came around 20 months when she started showing interest in food.  Her weight slowly improved.  At her recent visit to the paedi for vaccinations, hubby reported that paedi said her weight was good (I was super-busy at work and couldn't go. I would have checked HOW good, heh)  Anyway, after two years of worrying about her food intake, I'm happy to see her EAT! 

Eat grape

No problem getting her to eat fruit.  She gets two servings a day, once at breakfast and the other with everyone else in the evening.

Ahmm all by myself!

OK this one needed work... put a bit of sauce on the rice, give her the spoon and then say "Jo Ern eat and show Mummy, show Mummy", then say "Good girl"'.  Followed by "now show Papa", and then "Good girl!" again. Worked for quite a few spoonfuls.

Ahm mango dessert... no sweat

That's hubby reaching across the table with a spoonful of my mango dessert.

More, Papa!

She is more interested in food that is NOT hers.  For her breakfast/lunch/dinner food, must still coax and pamper her with books, toys and other distractions. The open mouth in the last picture is extremely rare.  I was thrilled to have captured it on camera, heh.

There... I hope this post wraps up the difficult period in feeding this kid!


  1. I was gonna write a comment on how big JE mouth in the last picture...then u said it was rare...then nvm la...:p

    I am sure u can have a better sleep now at night...with ONE less worry to worry abt...

  2. Ahhh! I'm all too familiar with the picky eating syndrome. My boy was the same. At one point (18mths till 2 yrs) he only drank milk all day but funny thing, his weight was ok. The paed said not to worry, as milk is a balanced diet. Can u imagine it took him 2 hours to finish 2 pcs of nuggets? He was 3 yrs old then! Anyway, that was then. Now he eats like a pig! LOL. Am happy to read that JoErn's loving her food more these days. Just look at that wide opened mouth. Happiness to mummy!

  3. yay! less stress during mealtimes!

  4. Leona, that big mouth NEVER shows for regular food. :)

    Juana, oh really? Guess kids just have to test us!

    MC, MEALS are still challenging heh. It's snacks that are easy!