Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Countdown to #2

Another little one is coming! I'd have liked a boy to round up the pair, but it looks like I shall have two girls.  Aiks so much for the power of positive thinking.  I'm reverting to my theory that things come when you stop expecting them.  So much for buying baby stuff in unisex designs and colours so far. *ok end of grumbling*  Two girls are great too!  Hubby prefers daughters anyway and two sisters might enjoy each other's company more than a sister and brother.  As for me, I only plan on having two so there isn't much difference between 1G1B and 2G (vs say, having 5 girls hehe)

What I'm in two minds about is having another one NOW.  Mainly it's concern about having less time for Jo Ern. I already carried her much less during pregnancy.  I'd miss having one focal point for my attentions. We lugged her to Singapore, to Phuket, to Hanoi, countless times up Genting and it was fun seeing her reactions to new situations.  If I were younger, I'd wait another year or so.  Jo Ern would certainly provide enough entertainment and challenge for that long!

But my biological clock is ticking and I'm thankful for the fact that I WILL have another one.  Jo Ern came along only after 2+ years of trying.  So now... Can close shop already! No more monitoring of basal temperatures, counting and double-checking fertile days, harassing hubby to be fit and available for duty (heh) at the right times, the hope and then despair that came with each failure.

And now as I count down to EDD next week, I'm pretty glad I will not be pregnant again. :) This second pregnancy was harder than the first.  The first trimester was the worst - I was feeling out of sorts throughout and really had to drag myself to work every day.  I'd literally retch when I thought of the office building/carpark/lift.  That applied when I thought of my project room and team members too hehe.  Yet I had to hide such weaknesses since I was with a new company and had to prove myself.  Luckily things improved. And I didn't have carpal tunnel this time, which previously troubled me a lot.

One more major task left.  Have to think of a name for baby #2!

While mummy talk talk talk, I oi-oi with Dog-jee and Oppers 
(the duo formerly known as 'Gie' and 'Perh')


  1. your EDD is next week???! :)
    congrats btw.. hope the rest of the pregancy will be easier for you!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, to be exact, my C-sec is scheduled for next week. Hehe. Having a C-sec this pregnancy for the same medical reasons as for my first.

  3. Stacy!!!!
    Ur baby is coming next week and now only u let us know!!!!!! Or did i miss an earlier post abt being preggers?????
    Anyway, as I was reading ur post...myheart is skipping so fast...really excited. I was expecting a post abt pregnancy fr u eversince u posted that photo of u, hubby and JE on her 2nd bday. I actually wanted to tease u abt it...but thot...oh oh..what happened if u weren't pregnant..??? and it was just extra pounds from eating too much potato chips or something???
    Can;t wait!!! JE is gonna be a tai ka cheh! Congrats!

  4. Leona, you're funny! Yep I agree with the policy not to ask ppl if they're pregnant, in case they're NOT. :) Been meaning to post about pregnancy for a while but kept putting it off loh.

    1. You put it off for quite some time! haha..

      Anyway I had c-section with my girl too :) good luck and rest well! my girl's bday is on May 12.. when is your due date?

      Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Ai, procrastinating is easy to do. :) I've picked May 9 based on the list of auspicious dates given by my SIL. Oh but May 12 was on the list too and would be better, baby would be 3d more mature. Just didn't want maternity leave to start on a Saturday! Hehe kiasu me.

  6. yeah..didnt know u r preggy until this post..and NOPE..not like Leona..I couldnt spot u as pregnant during JE's 2nd bday!!!

    Take care. Enjoy your confinement since u said this is last. Invite me when you have chu geok chow (vinegar pork trotter..;)