Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am on MC now and having the time to go through some photos of Jo Ern. Thought I'd post these up. She still sucks her fingers to sleep and on other occasions... for the latter, luckily she will remove them when asked to.

4 months

5 months

11 months

15 months

2 years old

Who needs pacifiers??  And yes, only those 2 fingers taste good.  The others all not nice. 


  1. stacy! your baby must be here by now!! sorry have been away.. congrats!! i was very surprised too, you didn;t mention it at all in your blog! looking forward to new baby pics and stories.

  2. hmmm so yummy huh..the 3rd and 4th fingers only..

  3. on MC or maternity leave?? haha.. looking forward to meeting the lil one.

    So cute that you managed to catch Jo Ern's lil habit through the months :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. All, still on MC, baby's only due tomorrow. Doc offered MC so might as well take haha.

  5. Rachel, ya it's always been only those 2 fingers! I *think* the other hand also can. Also those 2 fingers.