Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hormones talking

One more post to wrap up baby Su Ern's arrival. I'd like to place all the blame on postnatal hormone levels. :)

Before delivery, hubby commented that I didn't seem too excited about welcoming the new baby.  I suppose it's only logical that having a second baby cannot compare to having the first, VERY long-awaited one?

The first few days post-delivery were emotionally stressful for me. I begrudged the loss of time with Jo Ern and missed her a lot, more than the new baby in the hospital nursery.

Maybe since it was only 2 years since Jo Ern, I remembered that time only too well and unrealistically expected a repeat. Cradling and feeding Su Ern seemed odd. Talking to her and using the same phrases I used to Jo Ern didn't feel right. It was as though this wasn't my baby. My baby is Jo Ern. This baby looks different, whose baby was this? It didn't help that I was struggling to feed her. My irritation and stress rose while she squirmed away and cried.

The feelings caught me by surprise. From what I'd read, others resented the older child for demanding extra attention while they had to deal with the newborn. It was the opposite for me.

As the days passed though, it got better. This small, soft little baby is a dream to care for. She sleeps a lot and only cries when her diaper is dirty. I even have to wake her up for milk. After that I can usually put her down and attend to my own needs. Confinement was definitely not this easy with baby Jo Ern!

I am thinking now that things will be good. And that my world will definitely expand to include little Su Ern. :)

Mummy, look... I'm very cute too


  1. Yeah, blame it on the hormones! You got me a bit worried at the beginning.

    There are good signs that baby Su Ern will be an easy baby to take care of. (*touchwood*!) I was surprised to see her lying quietly in the playpen while looking around her surroundings.

  2. actually i was the total reverse, adored jensen when he arrives but wasn't too keen on justin. i even scolded him when he was crying at home (it happen after 1 month when no one was at home, i was lack of sleep and justin being difficult). i guess the part where we wanted and waited a long time for a baby makes a difference. we do have our downtime, which is perfectly fine. but we, mothers will love our children no matter what.

  3. aww she's so sweet! :)

    currently we are thinking of having a 2nd child too. think think think.. don't know if we will "do" haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Y, still easier to focus on one!

    Cat, you scolded Justin when he was just one month old? :)

  5. MC, thanks!

    Ai, kinda inevitable that some attention will be diverted away from the firstborn.

  6. Yes, when Justin was a helpless little baby crying out of discomfort n the mummy which was overcome by hormones scolded him. So yeah, mummy do have bad bad time but love him much now

  7. Cat, poor baby. :) But of course he had no idea you were scolding him then!