Monday, May 14, 2012

The details - Part 1

Left the house on 9 May morning determined not to be late (like we were for Jo Ern's birth, heh). Headed first to my parents' place to drop off Jo Ern. Arrived at the hospital nice and early. I remarked to hubby that ALL surgeries aren't pleasant, but at least with a C-sec there is something good at the end. I was actually dreading the next few hours!

D#1 = my first delivery.  Labelling since I was comparing this delivery with D#1 all the way. :)

The procedures I remembered as painful during D#1 weren't so bad this time, but it was vice versa as well. Post-surgery there was definitely more pain. The wound was painful, the wind in my tummy was painful and I was feeling super-warm even with the aircon on. I had to ask for additional painkiller, this from someone who didn't take all of those prescribed during D#1.

Day 1
Baby was brought halfway through surgery, partially-cleaned.  Hello, baby!
Post-surgery, baby was brought for breastfeeding. During D#1 milk didn't come in until Day3, so was happy to just let her suckle a while.
I'd initially thought of having baby sleep with me. But the pain was bad and I didn't. 
Thought of Jo Ern and missed her.

Day 2
Still struggling with pain, still couldn't focus on baby much.
Tried to breastfeed but failed. Got antsy as I remembered well the engorgement after D#1.
My family came to the hospital bringing Jo Ern. It was good to see her, my baby for 2 years.

Day 3
Still failing at breastfeeding. At least engorgement hadn't happened yet.
Baby certified ready to go home. :)  This was good news. Jo Ern was diagnosed with high jaundice levels at 3days-old and had to stay on.
Discharged and got to my parents' place. Managed to feed baby twice and asked hubby not to buy any formula after all.
It was a bad decision.

Concluded a c-sec is tougher than some surgeries coz you have to deal with:
1.  The usual pain from the surgery
2.  Bleeding from a different area --> From uterine contractions
3.  Pain at yet another area --> Engorgement
4.  Final area of concern --> BABY!

Lemme post these photos that hubby wants to delete.. heheheee.

Hubby with Su Ern, May 2012

Hubby with Jo Ern, April 2010


  1. A speedy recovery to you, Stacy. Luckily you didn't let hubs delete these 2 pics. They are precious pics...indeed:)

  2. Congrats congrats! Su Ern is such a sweet name :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Juana, Ai, thanks. :)

    Rach, aiyo milk wasn't flowing. OK now tho.