Thursday, May 31, 2012

Talk talk

Jo Ern's talking these days! She does struggle to put together sentences sometimes, but that's ok, she's only two. :) Some words are very clear...
  • Angry bird
  • Ipad... haha

Some have been revised...
  • Water from a-ter (water)
  • Bi-kert from a-kert (biscuit)
  • Ji-jerd from a-jerd (lizard)
Lots of words start with the letter 'A'...
  • a-kert - pocket
  • a-fer - flower
  • a-fai - butterfly
  • a-ter - bolster
  • ay-jig - music
  • ay-jin - raisin
Also the letter 'O'...
  • Otobike - motorbike
  • Otobite - mosquito bite, and yes I have to think whether she's talking about insects or vehicles
  • Ocodile - crocodile
  • Otowhile - little while (as in, "I play otowhile")
And all words starting with the letter 'L' gets transformed to start with 'Y' instead.

Mummy yookk! Got moo-TASH

Eek eek ekk ekk

No idea who taught her 'moustache'!


  1. you're really good at capturing her words :) so adorable la.

  2. The "moo tash" photo is cute!

  3. aww cute pix!! try to take videos too of her speaking.. they learn so fast! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I agree with can really remember how JE words sound exactly...