Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glitched birthday celebration

And she is TWO!
Friday, her birthday: I took leave and we went out to Ikea.  She had fun messing with the things there, as I thought she would.  Bought her a birthday toy snake.  :)  Err not too sure now whether that's a good idea (I am paranoid of snakes) as it started looking... well, rather snakey lying on the sofa at home.  Had both lunch and dinner out, plus of course gave her lots of TLC.  Heh.

Eh my birthday issit?

Saturday: The plan was dinner at a restaurant with my family. I'd made the booking weeks earlier and the cake was to be collected on the way to dinner. Fuss-free, yet things did not go well. Hubby went out drinking with his buddies. He wasn't back by evening and my increasingly-frantic phone calls went unanswered. After over an hour, and past the time we were supposed to leave, I was convinced something must have happened to him. Was wondering what to do... should I go without him? But I'd be so worried throughout. On the other hand, the guests would already be at the restaurant and I couldn't very well NOT go?

Eventually hubby called. Apparently the drinking venue was noisy and he didn't hear his phone ringing. It was late, it was raining and he was still pretty far away. He claimed to have forgotten we needed to collect the cake. Also that he thought dinner was later. Sigh. We started off immediately after he reached home. Traffic was heavy. What can I say... it wasn't a pleasant journey. We drove on the emergency lane, cut queues, made illegal turns. No way we were going to make it on time.

We finally arrived at the restaurant, with cake, 45mins late. Food was cooling on the table while everyone waited for us. This was not how I planned it! Sighh.

On the bright side, the strawberry millecrepe cake was yummy. Jo Ern was perfectly happy playing with her cousins. And it was a good thing hubby turned out safe. But I am not happy with him right now!

Strawberry cake


  1. I know exactly how you felt. You wanted to strangle his neck if possible right..and you cant blow up..just in case he decided not to go for the dinner..and yet at dinner time, you need to keep your front of the relatives....

    Nevertheless..guo jor (past). Forget it or just go swipe something on his cc.

    Happy Birthday to JE. Wish her healthy and be beautiful always.

  2. Albeit late, glad you all arrived safe and soundly at the restaurant! I can imagine the intensity of the mad rush to the dinner venue! Happy Birthday to your little princess!

  3. OH Stacy..i can feel ur 'disappointed' with the other half and the frustration seething...esp it was a special day for Jo Ern and it was ur family.

    u know, sometimes I really dun understand men...but then again,that is a different story. Perhaps u wanna start a separate blog on..".Hubbies...impossible to live with...but can't live without them!!!"

    Importantly...Jo Ern had a good time with family. And sheis 2!!! Wowee!!! Amazing!
    Hapi belated birthday, cutie pie!!!

  4. Rachel, exactly didn't want a black-faced person at dinner! Hehe love your comment on swiping on his cc (unfortunately I really don't have a supp card! Cancelled coz wanted to save on the govt tax)

    Leona, that separate blog would be full of frustration/irritation/all kinds of bad feelings. Not too good eh? Though I HAVE thot of doing just that, heh.

    Thanks for all the bday wishes for JE, everyone!

  5. Happy belated birthday Jo Ern! and at least you can vent abit on the blog!

  6. ke ke...her first birthday celebration was unexpectedly chaotic too! Wonder how her 3rd birthday celebration will be like.

    I absolutly refuse to buy the Ikea snake. Even in the store, it looks too snakey for me.

  7. Y, eh ya hor I forgot about that already. And it was supposed to be fuss-free as well!