Monday, April 2, 2012

Genting trip 12 - Day 1

After working straight through 2 weekends and then 1 of training, I was looking forward to some R&R!  March being hubby's birthday month, we had 2 nights at the Maxims suite again.  Yayy!  (Of course hubby being hubby, I had to ask - are we having normal room or suite?  Oh, suite...)

I eat apple first. Later hassle Mummy for pear

We had tickets for the show Freeze as well.  And wow, front row seats!  It's my first time there *happy grin*.  Our plan was simple:  bring Jo Ern along and if she fusses or cries at being in the dark, we just leave.  I was equipped with snacks for her too.  But no, she sat there totally entranced for a whole hour!

See cheh-cheh and koko all dance

It was only after an hour that she started fidgeting a bit.  No problem, let's break out the snacks.  The Indian family beside us brought out sour cream-flavoured Pringles for their kid.  I brought out plain cornflakes for Jo Ern.  *snooty grin at providing my kid with superior nutritional value*  Heh heh.

Eat biscuit and watch dancing cheh-chehs

The show ended at 10.20pm, just nice for bedtime after making our way back to the room.  As usual hubby went out for his own R&R - alcohol, food, casino - while Jo Ern and I went to bed.  Woke up shortly after coz Jo Ern was squashing my space... and just had to go grab the camera when I saw how she was sleeping!  First arrow shows the space I vacated, second arrow shows the space for hubby when he returned. Hmm his space looks wider than mine!  Little girl doesn't like blankets and sleeps this way every time we go on holiday. Her feet does get cold but she refuses socks.

Oi-oi time! ZZzzzzz


  1. my girl doesn't like to sleep with socks too! but I can't sleep without nowadays ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ke ke.... Elyssa was like that last time too. Sometimes, I had to sleep with my hand hanging out of the bed. Aiyo.

    Freeze nice? I had 20 free tickets last time (during my conference @ Genting) which was totally wasted cos of all the flight delays.

  3. Rachel and Y, I thot Freeze was so-so only. It's mix of magic show(ok for small kids, mehh for adults), comedy(found the guy irritating), dancing and acrobatics (both not bad). Perfectly worth watching if got free tickets though!

    Ai, you sleep with socks on?? :)

  4. Poor daddy and mommy.. no more space for you guy.