Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Genting trip 12 - Days 2&3

Day 1 went well, days 2 and 3 not so coz Jo Ern decided to cry a lot.  And my mild sore throat kept threatening to develop into fever.  Stuffed myself with buffet breakfast at Coffee Terrace as usual.  Then while hubby went about his usual absences, I had to deal with a crying toddler who had lots of perseverance and time on her hands.  Decided to let her cry it out... but had to SOS hubby after the crying got onto my nerves! Luckily I felt better after a nap.  That night we dined well on the voucher Genting kindly provided.

Suckling pig, steamed cod, half-eaten abalone soup
Not in pic: mixed veg with macademia, tapau-ed roast duck

Jo Ern ate a bit of cod with rice. Then devoted her whole attention to digging through the basket of veggies n macademia, hence no pics of that dish.  There was value left on the voucher so packed a roast duck to go.  Packed the piggy leftovers too, part of which became my oh-so-sinful supper that night.

Little girl still refusing to take photos:

No wan!

No! No yike!

After dinner I wanted to watch 'Little Fockers' on Vision4.  Hubby went out.  Jo Ern cried wanting to follow hubby out.  I decided to ignore her and watch TV (bad Mummy).  Crying went on and on. Hubby came back eventually, turned off all lights and all went to bed. Peace at last! 

I wan play baby frog, angry bird, bear go walk-walk...

Next day, after dimsum breakfast at Genting Palace, she spotted the iPad in the bag and asked to 'play Angry Bird'.  Then was fully occupied for hours.  Now why didn't I think of bringing out the iPad earlier??  *smacks self hard* We didn't have much time this day as we planned to make it for cousin Jensen's birthday lunch.

Overall a good trip, except for me being a bit sick and Jo Ern crying a lot.  This is probably our last 'luxurious' Genting trip - no suites and suckling pigs (well ok this one maybe) if using own money!


  1. What happpened to your "No Ipad" rule? ;)
    I already surrendered long ago!

  2. U let her played the iPad for hours? N why it's gonna be the last trip?

  3. ahem, I heard about the "last trip to Genting" far too many times b4! ;)

  4. Y, well rule is more 'minimal iPad' rather than total ban. Problem is she cannot stop once she gets her hands on it! Last LUXURIOUS trip la... I like Genting for the cool weather and proximity to KL so still see ourselves going there after the platinum privileges end.

    Cat, a few peaceful hours? Quite priceless hehe. Actually come to think of it, cannot be that many hours between breakfast and leaving for KL for Jensen's birthday lunch.