Monday, April 16, 2012

Genting trip 13

Ok... another trip up to Genting. I had leave to clear, hubby had a free room so why not? And yay, got a suite again! Kinda ironic after the post merely 2 weeks ago about that probably being our last luxurious trip.  Heh.

Anyway better not have Jo Ern getting used to high standards.  The moment we stepped into the room she asked to eat fruit - already can remember a welcome fruit basket is provided!  As usual hubby disappeared.  Me and the kid helped ourselves to the chocolate and fruit in the room.

Me good girl. Give Mummy a-ket (biscuit, or in this case a Kit Kat bite)

For dinner we headed to Ming Ren as hubby wanted lamb steamboat.  The waiter said he didn't recommend the steamboat as the hot surfaces would be dangerous with a young child.  What must he have thought when we eventually ordered not only steamboat but with spicy 'ma la' soup as well!  Our plan was to wash off food before giving to Jo Ern. Worst case we'll order another dish (steamboat already serves 2 so another dish would be too much).  And we ordered a bowl of Xinjiang rice - steamed with garlic/shallot/turmeric/lemongrass, this was rather good.

Well Jo Ern was perfectly fine. Our plan to wash food didn't work as she specifically demanded to drink the soup.  Granted this wasn't considered spicy for us, but for a 2-yo I'd say it was.  Hubby was worried she'd have diarrhoea from the chilli... but no, she was really fine.  She liked the rice and feeding her was a breeze.

Some spicy soup for me, please

After dinner and continuing on to the next morning, Jo Ern made use of the theme park. My annual pass has already expired so hubby got the honour of taking her on the rides. Heh. She asked to go on some rides a few times too.  Half of my pics show poor hubby looking bored!

Yay this is fun! 
Hubby: This is not so fun...

This was a nice break, especially with the weather being so hot in KL.


  1. Wow! Your gal is well trained with spicy food! Start 'em young. Thumbs up!

    Btw, your caption on the last pic cracked me up! Love your sense of humour;p

  2. I am sooo NOT buying the "this is the last luxurious holiday in Genting" comment!!

    Ke ke... the last photo and caption is really funny. Poor Kevin. Super bored but at least he was still willing to go ahead with the assigned task ;)

  3. wow, she could drink the soup? that's really spicy! Sean likes to eat curry!

  4. It's my aim to slowly introduce chilli. :) So far she is exceeding expectations!

    Y, that carousel is quite bad... the lights flash on and off while the thing turns. Last time I went, thought I might get a headache and was really glad when the ride finished. Kevin some more had to go twice coz JE didn't want to get down hehe.