Sunday, April 22, 2012

Personal commentator

Me: Sits down on the throne
JE:  (Comes over) What Mummy do?
Me: Starts doing small business
JE:  Mummy pee-pee!
Me: Sort of finished
JE:  NO more
Me: Empties out last few drops
JE:  Oh GOT.

Hehe... how many people have their own commentator?


  1. So, was that at home or in a public toilet? :)

  2. Isn;t it great that we can have a little commentator and spectator while we do our 'business' now??? :)
    Ally likes to stand right in front of me while I am sitted on the throne.

  3. Y, at the Genting suite. :) I don't close the door so she won't keep calling for me outside.

    Leona, no privacy eh? I'm not keen on having spectators when doing big business tho... smelly!

  4. It gets worst when they r bigger, when they asked the differences in appearance between theirs n ours, if u know what I mean. Since I have 2 BOYS, I find that it's better that I close the door n let them yell outside. Learnt from experience with Justin.

  5. Cat, I know some parents are very 'liberal' with children of both genders, just walk out from bathroom naked. I will probably start covering up once JE is a certain age. :)

  6. I didn't cover up last time coz didn't tot that question will come from him. Think he was 3 that time. Still young right. Haha... Now I do cover, at least I still have my inner garment n yet Jensen says "mummy shame shame"