Monday, March 25, 2013

Genting trip 18

Was up at Genting last weekend. It was the usual eat-a-lot, play-a-lot trip. :) Play part for the toddler, that is. Hubby realised his annual theme park pass had expired. And, shock horror, they weren't issuing such passes any more! Apparently there is a plan to close the park for a year for reno - obviously they can't sell passes and then close. So hubby took SE back to the room while I took JE to the park.

We finally made it to the Dinosaur section. This has loads of steep steps which wouldn't be possible with a baby stroller. Kinda nice for me actually since it's been donkey's years since I'd been here.

A mushroom! Got smurf inside? 

Started JE on the rudiments of posing. I asked her to tilt her head...

Heh, literally just the head crooked, body still stiff

We waited for a group of Indian kids to finish with this dino. When it was JE's turn, she made the peace sign and said just now the people did this. Hehe maybe it won't be long before 'peace' appears at every photo!

My fav photo of the trip. Both girls fast asleep, with SE's leg plonked on jie-jie's leg. Peace on earth. :)  



  1. better plan where to go when the park closes!! haha.. JE looks so big and tall! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, cracking my head now haha.

  3. The pic with JE posing and her head tilted...its so cute and funny. All those candid shots of the priceless!