Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ipoh trip 2013

We were in Ipoh last weekend for the housewarming of hubby's relative. Hubby thought of bailing out but it was too late to cancel our hotel reservations. Oh well, take it as a holiday then. He insisted on bringing the maid so we took a 2-room apartment at Tower Regency. It was serviceable, nothing fancy. There was a small pool area:

Yay! Swimming!

Su Ern insisted on going in as well.  I didn't want to get wet since it was cold and the pools were small so I carried her around like this:

SE: OK what, this is nice also

Surprisingly she liked that enough to go for a few rounds! Later on it was off to the housewarming. Hubby's relative bought the place, completely leveled it and rebuilt. It was nice and huge. I still prefer houses that DON'T require a full-time maid to clean.

I'm just a garden statue, I don't need rice. Erm but need chocolate.

My feet... the grass is prickly. Don't like!

Next day we went round Ipoh for swiss rolls, salted chicken, biscuits, kuayteow and other food. What I loved was setting the destination on the GPS... and estimated travel time came out as THREE minutes. Next destination... TWO minutes.  Next one... THREE minutes. Woo hoo! We collected everything within half an hour!  In KL we'd probably be in some traffic jam heading towards the first destination only!

Went to Sam Poh Tong so the kids could see tortoises...

Tortoise! Tortoise! TORTOISE! 

I wanted to take a pic here, just because we did last trip. Su Ern was still in the tummy then and now she's here, proud and definitely LOUD.

Tried to take photos in the ornamental garden. JE is in a camera-shy phase and SE doesn't know she's supposed to look at the camera. Oh well.

I think I see some fish there

At least, a holiday destination besides Genting. Heh heh.


  1. Never seen JE's crab swimming costume b4. Cute! Ahem...where's my swiss roll???

  2. Isn't it colder to have half a body in the water and half out?? hehe

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Yuen, ask and you will receive. Swiss rolls are coming your way!

    Ai, ok when the half above water is fully clothed. :p