Monday, September 30, 2013

JE talks

JE can be quite a chatterbox. She punctuates with lots of Malaysian non-words like "lah", "har", "wan" etc. Sometimes foreign accents creep in - must be from the TV since she doesn't rub shoulders with non-Malaysians! Thought I'd record a few conversations that amused me...

1. Reporting her day

JE:  Today har, Ah Mah forgot to sew my pants. Because har, Ah Mah is VERY OLD already.
(My mother is not that old!)

2. At the recent Lantern Festival potluck, coaxing her to eat the lotus leaf rice that my mother contributed.

Me: Try this ok? Ah Mah made one. Later Ah Mah ask, Jo Ern try or not and Jo Ern will say... ?
Me: *Put rice into her mouth* Later Ah Mah ask, nice or not? And Jo Ern will say...?
(Heh tact is obviously not her specialty)

3. iPad
I've been playing some iPad games that require regular collecting/harvesting etc. Last night at midnight, I was doing that in the toilet when JE woke up and came in to do her big business:
JE: Why har, Mummy sit on the toilet bowl and play iPad? Then...
JE: People don't do that WANNNN.


This one is my money bag!

My mummy har, always taking photos wannnn


  1. hehe I like all these posts on kids conversations. they really say the darnest things! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Jo Ern big girl already wor....really wan....she's a true blue Malaysian!

  3. Juana, I know I also talk like that to her haha.