Friday, October 4, 2013

SE talks

SE does say some words now. First phrase was 'no more', which comes out as 'mo more'... said wistfully while she looks into her empty bowl. We knew she understood the meaning as it was often accompanied by this hand action:

Mo more....

All human beings are 'jie-jie!'.  She knows how to complain when JE doesn't give her something... come over and point to her while saying 'jie-jie... jie-jie...'.  Or just bawl, depending on her mood. :)  And in contrast to big sis JE who used to call all animals 'dog', SE calls them 'tat' (cat). Maybe one will be a dog-lover and the other a cat-lover? Hehe.

She says 'book' very clearly when she fetches books for people to read to her.  Also 'ball', 'duck', 'walk'. 'Ffffff' for fish, 'sshhhh' for shoe, 'thowww' for throw, 'wa wer' for flower, 'ta tak' for kakak (the maid).

Ta-tak is feeding me my lunch

And assorted other words when she tries to imitate what people say.  This is such a cute phase. *sigh*

And this is how to act cute


  1. Reading your post makes me think back of my kids baby early toddler stage too. Miss those times. Cute series of JE talks SE talks. It's nice to see them at each of their development stage.

  2. The 'no more ' hand gesture is a classic!

  3. Leona, yeah baby and toddlerhood go by so fast. Though when you're in the thick of this time, it's pretty stressful!

  4. aww so adorable! and her vocab is pretty good for her age ya?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Ai, not sure if it's particularly good. This one does seem to be a relatively early developer though.