Friday, October 18, 2013

Papa's on holiday

Hubby held off going overseas since the last trip as we couldn't get a maid for a while. Now that our current maid seems stable (fingers crossed), off he is going again. Sigh. This time it's a week-long holiday in China/Macau. This trip is partly to visit relatives and partly a drinking/eating trip with his buddies. Neither the former nor latter interest me so... guess I shouldn't complain!

Our papa went to China already

Forgot to add in original post...
While hubby was packing and preparing for his trip, I found myself GLAD that I wasn't going. After spending a substantial amount of time overseas for work (many months each in Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Leeds, weeks in HK, Singapore), I do like just being home.  And I was especially glad that I wasn't leaving my girls.


  1. do you go for holiday by yourself with friends too? such a good break to re-charge!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, at the moment I'm still bf-ing SE so I can't take off without her. And... I don't actually want to heh. Hmm forgot to add that to my original post, let me add.

  3. I too feel the same. For me, a holiday without the kids is incomplete. If I would go just with hubby, I would be missing them all the time. Pity my hubby doesn't think the same. He has too little patience to handle the kids. So that is why no overseas hols in a long time already! Sobs!

  4. Leona, looks like we're in the same boat! Hehe.