Monday, November 12, 2012

Papa's on holiday

Hubby is holidaying in Italy while I stay home with the kids.  So far he has been to Nepal, Myanmar, HK/Macau and Singapore without me.  :(  Oh well, guess it won't be long before they're grown enough. And we can all go holiday together. :)

When Jo Ern Papa coming back?

Took JE for a roti canai breakfast this morning, leaving SE home with Annie the maid. And was rather relieved when I got home and found Annie hadn't left and kidnapped SE. Heh. I can be slightly paranoid when it comes to my kiddos! Didn't want JE to stay home the whole time though.


  1. I'll be paranoid leaving my kid with a helper too ;p so nice to travel to so many places! I'm sure he will bring you back lots of nice souvenirs hheee

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, he did, bring me lots of souvenirs that is. But that is another story...

  3. Wow Italy...
    My hubs and I were just discussing d other day bat holidaying with small children. Somehow even if we went to nice holiday places... It would be all centered around d kids. So we have to wait like when they are like 10 yo on wards...then it could be more fun...