Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Papa's back

We missed you, Papa!

Hubby's back from Italy! With 5 bags for me - Dior, LV, Gucci, Prada and Brics. *smacks head* I asked him (many times!) not to buy me any coz after surfing the net, I'd concluded I didn't like most of the branded bags. He went and bought me bags anyway. And... I DON'T like them! Poor hubby unveiled bag after bag only to meet with headshakes from me. Luckily I thought the Prada was nice. Gotta try to sell off the rest, sigh.

The only thing I asked for was a bottle of truffle oil. Hubby came back with FIVE (at about RM50 each, not cheap). He's obviously the shopaholic in our family! He brought back a selection of olive oils, dried mushrooms, herbs, paprika, herbs etc. Now those I like! Only a fraction of the cost of the bags too, heh.

SOME of the edibles hubby brought back

Best thing is to have hubby home again. Now I have a backup resource when both SE and JE needs attention. Heheheeee.


  1. N i think most ppl will scream and jump in delight with FIVE branded bags!

  2. I'm so NOT a brand person! Well 2 bags already sold, others passed to friend to sell. Should have taken photo first hor.

  3. ooh, truffle oil! i would love to try some dishes with that. yeah, shld have taken pics of the bags:)

  4. Your husband is definitely a shopoholic! You asked for zero bags but got 5 and asked for 1 bottle of truffle oil and get 5! You are one lucky woman:) Should really have taken some pics of the bags. How about giving us a sneak peak of your Prada?

  5. many goodies. At least ur hubby has good taste.(errr..maybe in his eyes!) I dont think my hubby would even dare to venture into anything 'branded'!
    Not bad that u got buyers so fast...

  6. Juana, that Prada is somewhere beneath a pile of stuff. Gotta unearth it one day hehe.

    Leona, the bags are really cheap compared to RRP here.