Monday, November 5, 2012

Genting trip 14

The 14th trip for JE, 2nd one for SE.  I've been wanting to make use of my theme park annual pass but Genting hasn't been giving free weekend rooms recently. So for once, hubby actually PAID for our room in Genting!

Upon reaching the room, SE smiled and lay happily on the bed for ages. Unusual for her as recently she always demands loudly to be carried.

Happy Su Ern 

Su Ern in Astro boy pose

There, this Astro boy

JE enjoying the bathtub... didn't dare let her play long as it was cold there. Of  course she cried when forced to come out.

Jo Ern pour and pour

At the theme park, all of us went on the antique car and ferris wheel rides. I went on the haunted house ride with JE. Scaredy cat me wanted to close eyes until I realised it was mostly dark with nothing to see. Then took JE for the elephant ride. Aiyo the elephant goes quite high leh. Err and why so long one the ride... OK confirmed I'm pretty useless on theme park rides!

JE wanted to sit at the BACK of the elephant but I couldn't take a decent photo there. Asked her come to the front and Miss Sourpuss eventually did.

No wan to come to front. No wan to take photo

We discovered a section of the theme park with kiddie rides. A max height applies so we couldn't accompany JE for the ride. I was worried she'd be scared but noooo, she was fine! Chose the green bug and didn't want to get off. I guess my little girl is ready to do some things by herself!

Woo-hoo! This geen colour bug is the best!

Next up was the bumper car. She didn't know how to step on the pedal thus couldn't move. Haha she isn't THAT independent after all, yet.

Jo Ern car cannot moos be-coz no petrol

There are more rides we haven't gone on, keep for next time. :)

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  1. I haven't been to Genting in years! Good to know there's kiddy rides for the younger ones too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka