Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Genting trip 15

Up we were in Genting last weekend. Our room happened to be a corner unit and therefore quite big.

JE: Stand here can watch TV
SE: Right leg up!

JE: But sit here watch TV is nicer
SE: Left leg up! 

Can sit inside the cupboard also

JE went multiple times on the theme park rides.

After this I want black horse. Then yellow horse. Then...

The discovery this trip was the kiddie 'funland' in the theme park. This area is only accessible via staircase and we had no place to park the stroller. This time we climbed up the stairs to check it out and it turned out to be the largest playground I've ever seen! Only one playground 'set' is visible from ground level, but go up and you see set after set!

Now take this slide. Then next one. Then...

Now this horse. Then the lion. Then...

Feet must not touch the floor... oh-oh!

JE had a swell time. Little SE snoozed in the stroller (with hubby watching of course) at the base of the stairs and was no trouble.

Zzzz with my bolster

The other discovery was good pizza/pasta at BubblesnBits. Only problem was, with all the time spent in the theme park, we only reached home at midnight. But I'm rather looking forward to our next Genting trip!

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