Friday, November 9, 2012

6 months old

Hello there! I'm half a year old today.

Su Ern is 6 months old today! And yes, it does seem as though the time has flown by.

Latest skills
Her latest trick is pursing her lips to say 'pbbbttthh' and she does that very often. She turns onto her belly and kicks her legs trying to move. So far not too successful.

She started on solids couple of weeks back. So far she has had avocado, pumpkin, banana, peas and spinach. She loves her food! She cries if fed too slowly and when the food is finished. I'm not giving her too much in case she gets too full for milk.

I'm a hungry baby and I need more food!

Daily routine
She wakes up early. Sometimes she goes over to 'visit' her big sis, moving using a combination of turning over and kicking. She gets left alone when hubby, myself and JE go downstairs for breakfast. Poor girl will start crying after a while. Eventually hubby goes upstairs to bathe her and I go upstairs to feed her. The rest of her day is spent napping, playing and crying. :)

What is my jie-jie doing? Hmm I think still sleeping

What else... her skin colour is rather dark. JE started out dark and turned fairer so I'm hoping SE will too.

Her hair looks ok from the front but it's actually very thin at the back heh.

What?! Am I balding??

And she's still a cutie pie and smiles a lot!

Make cheeky face ok?


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  2. OH my...I just love SE's expressions....cute and comical. Esp the last photo...and also the first one. And also the one where she was looking over her big che che. Hai...I just love all of em'!
    So fast reach 6 months...
    soon JE would have a little companion to play and run with all over the house...

  3. what a sweetie, cutie pie! take lots of videos of her so you never forget this stage. they grow too fast.

  4. Leona, thanks. :) I do think these girls would be friends very soon! OK la, slightly consoled now that SE isn't a boy like what I wanted.

    MC, yeah I should. Pics are great but a video really captures the time.