Monday, October 29, 2012

Zoo Negara visit

GIRAFFE! Giraffe got very long neck

We made it to the zoo! I've been wanting to bring JE since she likes the animals in her books and on TV. My plan was to see the more common animals and just leave once we got tired or too hot. We were prepared - hubby brought sunblock and I brought cold drinks in my insulated milk bag (worth doing, soft drinks were RM7 a can hehe).

It was overall a good trip.  The sun was scorching, but inside it was shady from the plentiful trees. We took the tram at the entrance so it wasn't all that far to walk. JE was excited to see the animals she knew - elephant, lion, tiger, deer, giraffe, camel, monkey etc.

Behind got this bird, Jo Ern don't know how to say

CAMELS at the back!

The kid got tired after a couple of hours. She was happy enough seeing rhinos the first time but when we looped back and I pointed out the rhinos:

Me: See? Rhino again!
JE: No. Jo Ern don't see any rhino
Me: Got, see there?  Got two rhino!
JE: No ya, no rhino there.


JE: Today zoo got NO rhino.

All this with two huge rhinos in front of her, heh. We stopped for ice-cream and corn-in-a-cup, which charged her batteries sufficiently for the air-conditioned aquarium area, also the penguins and monkeys.

SE pulling up and gumming her shirt as usual

Stroller hijacked by the big sis, as usual

A change from going to the malls! :) Our next trip would probably only come after SE is big enough to appreciate the animals though. Our weather is really too hot to enjoy outdoor activities. Entrance was RM20 (without butterfly park) per adult and free for kids under 3. I set my expectations low and it was overall a pleasant experience.


  1. I bring our own snacks and drinks when we go these kinda places too.. they can be so ex! Glad you all had a good time :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. good job! I never made it to the zoo. too scared of the sun!

  3. Perhaps to get a portable fan for ur next outdoor adventure? Those that clips to the stroller...
    I never got those but I guess it may come in handy in this kind of erratic weather.

  4. Lovely trip to the zoo with a baby somemore! Good job! Baby Su Ern can be a Drypers model:) She must have been really hot to pull up her dress, hehe. Btw, this is the first time I see camels in a zoo. Nice. Maybe I haven't been to enough zoos! LOL!

  5. Ai, I was expecting hubby to make comment on that but he didn't heh. He'll always say 'just buy la!' and go with minimum effort.

    Mc, had to BRAVE myself to face the sun!

    Leona, those fans seem a bit flimsy. Anyway need aircon in this weather, fan not really good enough. :)

    Juana, haha... didn't notice her diaper brand was showing!