Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pneumococcal jab

Finally took JE for her pneumococcal jab. Hubby didn't notice this option when he took her for her previous jab. I was debating whether to make a trip to the paedi just for this jab coz it's normally such a long wait. Coincidentally an article appeared in the newspaper on this young boy who had pneumococcal meningitis and managed to survive after weeks of treatment. At a cost of RM70k.  Oo-kay it was a no-brainer, I was definitely making the trip! Errr week after week passed. We were going somewhere else, we woke up late, we forgot...

We waited a whole hour at the paedi. JE didn't mind. The waiting area is basically a play area.

I'm down here!

This place is nice!

Paedi asked me to carry JE and hubby to hold a jar of lollipops for her to rummage around in. JE shuddered when the jab went in, then went back to choosing her lollipop. Went home with a yellow one and asked the maid to unwrap it for her while I was cooking lunch. So she got to eat her first ever lollipop.  (I was planning to hide it)

Phew, job done. No fever or anything too.


  1. lollipop just before lunch? wouldn't it spoil her appetite? actually with justin, we kinda kept track of all his jab and was very punctual but jensen's jab has been late and we tend to forget. even till today, i think jensen have a few jabs that is long overdue.. think gonna do it this weekend... hahaha

  2. good you went. Lil Pumpkin had hers too and I think better to be safe than sorry :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Cat, she asked and Annie opened for her. I noticed Annie pouring out choc bears and opening chocs for JE. I don't like to ask her to stop at the moment.

    Yeah better be safe than sorry!

  4. The lollipop trick worked! haha. Kids are just way too innocent! After her first taste of that historic lolli, has she been pestering you for more?

  5. Juana, heh not yet. But I'm sure she will the next time we see a display of Chuppa Chupps!