Monday, October 8, 2012

5 months old today

Little Su Ern is 5 months old today!

Hello there!

So far she has been an easier baby to care for than her big sis - doesn't cry a lot, doesn't complain a lot, smiles a lot. Hubby says she happily takes her bath in the mornings, unlike JE who would scream if water gets into her eyes or she's just not in the mood.

Pom-pom time for me

SE doesn't drink very much milk though. I prepare four bottles of 3oz for the 12 hours approx that I'm away from her and I'd be happy if she finishes all of it! She only takes 2 - 2.5oz each time and it's a bit of a call what to do with the rest. I don't want throw away any breastmilk. But when a portion keeps being heated up, not finished and put back in the fridge, heated up again, not finished... sigh.  Sometimes I'm forced to throw some away in the interests of hygiene.

Show you my latest trick ok?  Head UP!

Taking her for shots this weekend so will see how she's doing on the growth/development point of view. 

Yayy my jie-jie come and play with me


  1. She doesn't drink much milk but she's so chubby and cute!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Oh MY!!!! Look at those chubby yummilicious thighs! Ah Ee wanna bite. NGAM!!

  3. Heh she does look a bit chubby...