Thursday, October 18, 2012

5-month jab

Took Su Ern for her 5-month jab last weekend. Went all the way to Columbia Asia Puchong for the 6-in-1 shot, only to find out it had been discontinued. Could just have gone to our usual neighbourhood paedi! Anyway since we were already there, opted for two separate jabs. Poor SE. She cried at the first jab. But at the second, she really bawled!

SE all wrapped up. Can see that Annie dotes on her, yes?

JE was there! And Doggie too.

Weight-wise, she is now officially underweight (heh why all my babies like that??) Doc said babies normally go below the chart around this age and it's time to start solids. Oh already?! It seems only a short time ago that she was born! I'm waiting till this weekend before doing anything.  She'll be 5.5 months, around when JE's paedi recommended starting solids.

I get to play with baby foods again, whoo hoo!


  1. little Su Ern looks so cute and chubby, I can't believe she is underweight!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as may Ching...especially looking at that photo and also d other photos,

  3. ya loh, she's def chubby!

    ps : happy to see blankie and doggie well used :)

  4. MC and Leona, doc said her weight has plateau-ed. Funny hor, she looks rather chubby to me too.

    Y, oh yeah both blankie and doggie in the same post! Didn't realise. :)