Monday, October 15, 2012

Tough times

It has been a challenging month for JE. She lost a friend/caregiver when my previous maid Lina left. That's what I had to keep reminding myself, coz it has been a challenging month for me too.  JE has been doing lots of screaming and throwing of tantrums.  I think that's partly because she is in her terrible twos, partly because she didn't take easily to my new maid Annie.  She absolutely refused to have Annie help her with chores like eating, bathing, strapping her into her car seat, closing the car door, cleaning her up, changing her clothes etc.  Forcing resulted in her screaming at the top of her lungs and as we found out, an adult can't handle a violently-struggling 2.5yo without safety risks to both adult and child.

I'm not giving you a hard time...

I'm HAVING a hard time

Many chores fell onto me. Feeding her was the toughest. She'd be squirming, climbing up on her chair, fiddling around and dropping utensils, holding food for ages (5, 10 mins) in her mouth, asking for water/hanky/fork/toys. I tried to avoid making mealtimes stressful but would end up saying FASTER! DON'T HOLD FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH! SWALLOW! SWALLOW!!

A month on, the ice is thawing. JE is chatting to Annie now, and letting her do some of the chores (though with some fuss). My mum or myself still feed her. But she behaves herself for Ah Mah and me, I'm getting used to it. I think the worst is over. *fingers crossed*


  1. Honestly i have never seen her scream and roll on the floor. That girl in the pic doesn't seems like JE... haha... eventually she will love Annie.

  2. Poor JE. At least she's getting more used to Annie now.

  3. Cat, that's JE all right and the rolling/screaming can go on for a long time! Started at the tail end of Lina's time and intensified at the beginning of Annie's. Tantrums seem to be lessening though.

    Y, yeah definitely better now.

  4. Oh dear, pity your little gal...She was definitely going through a bad patch, missing Kak Lina, which could have caused a lot of confusion for her. Am happy to read that, she's slowly but surely warming up to Annie.