Monday, October 28, 2013

Port Dickson trip

I bought a Milkadeal voucher for RM99 for a 2-room apartment in Glory Beach. My sis and SIL said this place was run down. I was sold by a few features though. Hubby only found out later that my voucher was for Glory beach and also complained. (Eh how come everybody has been to this place except me? Heh)

So.... how was it?

Firstly, the resort didn't have anything to do with the deal - the apartment was owned by a private individual who had only 1 unit. Now I know that individuals can put up such deals... interesting.

The features that drew me in? Well there was...

A beach! Yeh yeh yehh!!

SE's first time! She pointed to the sea and said 'Wo... wo (water)'

There was also...

A playground! Yayy!


A water slide! Watch me go!!

And even animals...

Rabbits and turtles! (Turtle pond is right behind SE here)

Giant arapaima fish! (Lost my brand new Tupperware here, sigh)

Leatherback turtles! (Access only at feeding time)

Even hubby cheered up for some monkey business.


The shared facilities above were well-maintained. The apartment was clean with a view of the beach, towels/soap/kettle/kitchen utensils etc provided. The beach wasn't anything to shout about, but this IS Port Dickson. I just wanted sand and waves for the kids. JE was 'a little bit scared' of the waves though.

Food-wise, we found a nice corner restaurant a short drive away. This 'dragon phoenix pot' dish was good - fresh seafood in a curry-like soup. Yumss!

So overall... yes, it was a good holiday! :)

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  1. seems like a good getaway :) I'm so hungry looking at your Dragon Phoenix Pot!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka