Monday, November 4, 2013

Science Centre visit

Took the kiddos to the National Science Centre. They're too young for science, but they had such fun with the exhibits! There are plenty of levers/buttons etc to touch and press and turn and wind and see.

Various science exhibits...

Press this to see what happens...

Oo let me take this ball out!

Hey how come got so many of me?

Press this, turn that...

Also a kiddie play area that's just right for JE and SE.  No decent photos of JE as she was JUST too busy running here and there!

I will climb there next

Look! I'm hatching!

There's also a kiddy discovery section.  Again, JE just couldn't stay still enough for decent photos. The lighting is on the dim side so moving kids end up being blurs on photos! SE is slower and easier to photograph hehe.

I'm a mighty grasshopper!

Now I'm this sweet honey bee

Overall there are plenty of things to do and I liked quite a number of the exhibits. I wish it was better maintained but for the admission price of RM6 adults (RM3 for older kids), it's definitely value for money.

Can wash hands here! (Nothing worth touching in the touch pool tho!)


  1. Ooo that's fun! I remember my Pri school trips to the local science centre. Should bring Lil Pumpkin too but it's on the other side of where we stay.. quite far haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Good place to keep the little hands entertained eh? As always, your captions make me crack up! "oo let me take this ball out!"....her eye expression and her cutie little hand pose just fits your caption so well!

  3. Ai, the Singapore science centre is wayy better! Only consolation is this one is cheap hehe. And not that my kids appreciate science at this stage anyway.

    Juana, I must say I entertain myself sometimes! Heh.