Friday, November 29, 2013

Milk box

While chilling out in the living room one day, SE came over bringing a milk box from the store room. Then she started playing with it.

For my next trick...

Look, I can fit into this box!

Ta-dahh! Applause please!

Kids can be so amusing! Of course, after a while she fell over and started bawling. Kids, heh.

On the subject of milk, I'm slowing down on breastfeeding. I had been worried about nights - she would wake 2-3 times every night, bawl, and I'd have to nurse her back to sleep. Recently she wakes just once and I can pat her back to sleep without offering milk. Looks like my role of milk producer will be over soon... having mixed feelings about that, sigh. Still, SE is 1.5yo now, target well achieved!  *pats self on back* Looking back, it was tough dropping everything twice a day at the office to go and pump milk. I don't think I could have done it another round!

NB: It's time to stop breastfeeding for another reason. SE talks a bit now and comes to me going 'Mekk! (milk)' If her request isn't fulfilled, she will just keep going 'Mekk! Mekk!' at me. Don't wanna continue being harassed by a little girl for milk. :)

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