Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lollipop balloons

We passed by some product roadshow the other day where there was a clown twisting balloons. So we got into queue. That clown was sooo slow! It was ages before we reached him. JE requested a lollipop balloon. AND THE CLOWN SAID NO!! He said it'd take too long to make and the queue was too long. What bull was that?? A lollipop isn't complicated to make at all. And my kid had already waited that long for her turn. He spoke in Mandarin which JE doesn't understand yet. I told JE to choose something else because this clown doesn't know how to make lollipop (which I suspected was the case). But no, he told me that he does know but it will simply take too long. What to do... JE accepted a flower balloon instead.

Back home, hubby whipped up a bunch of lollipop ballons for her. I *heart* them! Design-wise they're even better than the ones she has gotten before from other clowns. And they didn't take long to make, no sirree!

I have so many lollipops!

(Face sour coz I asked her to stop running around and stand still for a photo)


  1. Papa can be a part time clown. Hahaha

  2. Those are nice lollipops! Where to get the balloons?

  3. I want to learn how to balloon-sculpt!! That clown was such a meanie :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Cat, Papa has windows of time when he wants to be sociable... other times will be grumpy when disturbed hehe.

    Y, these are from Mr DIY and pretty good n cheap.

    Ai, go learn :) Hubby is watching TV and practicing balloon flowers at the mo haha. Yeah that clown was lousy!